Speakers and Titles

Arnaud Dewalque (Université de Liège):
“In Defense of Inner Perception”

Guillaume Frechette (University of Salzburg):
“Brentano’s Phenomenology”

Carlo Ierna (Utrecht University/Groningen University):
“Symbolic Intentionality and its Applications”

Hynek Janousek (Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic):
“True Phenomena and Psychological Truths: Crucial Problem of Brentano’s Psychology”

Helene Leblanc (Université de Genève/Lille 3/Università del Salento):
“The equivocity of ‘sign’ and philosophy as a science in Bolzano, Husserl and Marty. Outline for a genealogy”

Charles-Edouard Niveleau (Université de Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne):
“Is there really an evidential split between inner and outer perception? Challenging Brentano’s assumption from Carl Stumpf and Friedrich Schumann’ experimental studies on sensory phenomena”

Hamid Taieb (Université de Genève/University of Salzburg):
“Is Brentano’s Ontology Medieval?”

Peter Andras Varga (Hungarian Academy of Sciences):
“The “Admired” Teacher Brentano and the Quest for the Historical Husserl in Vienna. A Historiographic Case Study and Its Lessons for Phenomenology Today”